Dawn French gives bizarre interview about growing old

Dawn French has spoken out about getting older.

Most people tend to slow down as they age, but it looks like Dawn French is just winding up revealing she wants to do all the crazy things she missed out on when she was younger – including drugs.

While it’s no secret that many baby boomers experimented with drugs when they were younger, Dawn has told a radio station she avoided them when she was in her youth and now wants to make up for lost time!

The comedian gave a very tongue-in-cheek interview about her desire to cut lose and try a few things in her later years.

“Back then I did no drugs whatsoever, which I regret massively, and I am intending to do loads of drugs when I’m much older,” she said.

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“Some hot drugs coursing through your veins would add to the fun of being old.

“There are [magic mushrooms in Cornwall] but I’ve never looked for them… Magic mushrooms sound good, I’m up for that.”

The hilarious actress is famous for her one-liners and quick wit and seems to still have plenty of it, going on to say her “feeble old body” could have a bit fun with some illicit substances.

“It’d be cheaper for a start. A feeble old body and a bit of crack cocaine go together really quite well,” she said.

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“I’ve smoked a couple of spliffs, I’ve probably had two or three lines of coke in my life but I’ve never really [taken a lot of drugs].”

Her comments left many chuckling along with her and prompted some to think about all the other crazy things they could do in their ‘old age’.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done since turning 60? Are you a fan of Dawn French?