Let's talk: Is there ever a good excuse for speeding?

Is there ever a good excuse to speed?

Police no doubt hear plenty of excuses, both good and bad, from drivers caught speeding, but this one might just take the cake. 

Police from the Western Australian town of Dalwallinu tweeted a picture of a heavy fine handed to a truck driver who had been caught doing almost 40 kilometres an hour over the speed limit in a work zone, and if the excuse the driver gave was true, he would have been sweating bullets as the fine was written, and not just at the thought of paying $1,200 and losing 12 demerit points from his licence. 

The explanation the driver of the Kenworth truck gave to the officers who pulled him over?

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“I needed to sh*t, kids have given me gastro!”

Sounds like a fair excuse to be in a hurry, but it clearly didn’t fly with these officers, who apparently couldn’t give a sh*t when it comes to excuses for driving at a dangerous speed, and sent the truckie on his way to (presumably) the nearest rest bay with a hefty fine and double demerit points. 

It was a lucrative half-hour on the job for the Dalwallinu police, who had just prior fined another driver $800 and 12 demerit points for speeding on the same stretch of road. This driver’s excuse was “we were talking, and I missed the signs.”

Do you think there’s ever an excuse for going over the speed limit?