Dad takes avoiding parental responsibilities to horrific new level

You'd be crying too if your dad tried to cheat the system to get out of paying for you.

A British man has fully embraced the term “deadbeat dad” by trying to cheat the system in order to avoid maintenance payments for his own child. 

Fraud officers discovered that Christopher Wilder, 36, attempted to avoid paying an outstanding child support bill of £10,000 which spanned over nearly five years by arranging for an impersonator to take a DNA test. 

Wilder arranged for Thomas Mann to take the test but an investigation was launched after the mum gave a sworn statement that Wilder was the dad. 

Photo ID provided at the test also showed that Wilder had used an impersonator. 

Investigators used the criminal database to check genetic fingerprints and cross-referenced to the police DNA database to identify the 47-year-old Mann.

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The police grilled both men who then pleaded guilty in March to conspiracy to defraud a mother and child of maintenance payments. 

Sadly, the deadbeat dad only got two years imprisonment while his accomplice Mann was sentenced to nine months prison suspended for two years.

Caroline Dinenage, the Minister for Family Support, Housing and Child Maintenance in the UK said: “The vast majority of parents who separate work together in the best interests of their children.

“But when the small minority try to cheat the system – and deny their children the support they need – we won’t hesitate to use all the powers we have to bring them to justice.”

 Have you ever been jilted like this by an ex-partner?