Would you ever accept a gift from your ex?

Would you trust an old flame? Source: Pexels

Unless you’ve had the most amicable break-up in history, chances are there are a few feeling of animosity between you and your ex-partner. Whether it’s mutual or one-sided, someone might still be holding a bit of a grudge or harbouring some bad feelings towards you, even years later.

Which is why you really shouldn’t accept a gift from an ex-partner, especially if any part of that gift is in a language you don’t understand.

A Twitter user posted a picture of a guy he met in passing. At first glance, there’s nothing untoward about the picture. Until …

“Asked him if he knew what his shirt meant said his ex got if ro him and told him it means i love you and i think that’s beautiful,” the caption reads. 

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Many were confused, but other Twitter users were quick to point out the misunderstanding. 

“Better that men do not scorn a woman in love,” one person responded. “If they do, [it’s] better they understand the language/s she knows.” 

The Hindi word on the man’s shirt, according to other delighted Twitter users, is a term for a man who likes to, ahem, have sexual relations with his own sister. 

While many Twitter users were delighted at the misunderstanding, and given kudos to the girl for pulling one over on her ex, others thought it was a cruel joke to play. 

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“Actually I find it offensive,” one person wrote. “Because someone doesn’t know [your] language you’re going to make a fool of them like this.” 

“Such a cheap action by any girl,” said another. “Disgusting.” 

The original poster could theoretically have let the passerby know what his shirt actually said, but that doesn’t seem to be a point of contention. In any case, this can serve as a lesson to those who think that the kind “gift” their ex is offering might really come with no strings attached. 

Have you ever given your ex-partner a parting “gift” like this?