TV contestants lose millions for 'easiest question ever'

Both contestants got the answer wrong. Source: Channel Seven Perth Facebook

Popular TV series The Wall had its premiere in Australia on October 30, and no one knows what to make of the second episode.

The concept is simple enough, according to the website: “a pair of teammates must try to beat The Wall by answering general knowledge questions. Answer correctly and the balls turn green and fall down The Wall—wherever they land adds money to the team’s winning total. Get an answer wrong and the balls turn red and the money is deducted from the team’s total.”

But people aren’t confused by the mechanics of the game; they’re astonished that the first team lost $500,000 on one of the simplest questions of the night. 

While Lee was answering questions in isolation backstage, Jess could not communicate with him.

When a question about the capital of New Zealand came up, Jess was certain her husband would know the answer.

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“Lee’s been there twice,” she told the host, Axle Whitehead. 

But when faced with multiple choice options (A. Auckland; B. Christchurch; C. Wellington; and D. Queenstown), Lee locked in B. Jess was screaming in annoyance that he’d gotten the wrong answer, and was adamant that the correct answer was Auckland. 

“He’s going to kick himself,” Jess said. 

Whitehead then had to inform Jess that the answer was, in fact, C. Wellington. 

“No way!” Jess said, surprised and a bit embarrassed.

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Though the couple still ended up winning more than $150,000 by the end of the show, viewers weren’t impressed with their inability to answer such a simple question, especially since Australia and New Zealand are close neighbours. 

“Tomorrow night’s questions get harder,” one person wrote on Twitter. “What do we breathe? A. Oxygen or B. Chairs.” 

“Sorry but asking what is the capital of New Zealand on a game show for $2 million is incredible. How dumb are these people?” another tweeted. 

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Would you have been able to give the right answer?