Would you pay it? Customers rage at ‘rip-off’ airport sandwich cost

Would you pay $9.90 for a basic sandwich? Source: Pexels

If you’ve ever been out and about and noticed that food is costing an insane amount, you’re not imagining things.

Perth Airport in Western Australia has come under fire for selling sandwiches at a ridiculous price throughout the terminal. Many people have flocked to social media to blast the outlets within the airport for selling basic sandwiches for $9.90.

For that price, you’re probably imagining a gourmet creation with some of the best ingredients and fine meats available, but frustrated customers have pointed that they’re blatantly being ripped off. Nearly $10 will get you something as plain as a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, while an egg sanga is another basic option available. Given that most people also get a cold drink or a coffee to go along with their meal, people are paying a small fortune for their quick snack.

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Upon investigation, it’s been discovered that people have been complaining about the over-priced snacks as far back as 2013, although media outlets have only recently picked up on the story.

One person on Twitter shared a photo of his dismal sandwich offering and wrote: “$10 for an egg sandwich at Perth airport? Yeah, apparently chickens are very rare around here”. Another person added that they paid nearly $17 for their coffee, sandwich and water, while another customer complained that “an ultimate sandwich” would set them back $15 – a price they weren’t willing to pay.

It raises a question of how much food outlets and cafes should be charging people for such simple food creations. The question was debated on Channel Nine News in Perth on Thursday, where presenter Lana Hill suggested that people are paying for the convenience at airports. “We know that it’s going to cost us a million dollars for anything; a bottle of water, a ham and cheese sandwich at the airport. So if you’re going to buy it there, you’ve got to expect the premium,” she argued.

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Co-host Cara Little reckoned that she wouldn’t pay that much for a sandwich, though.. “It would have to be very gourmet for me to pay $9.50, but I totally agree with Lana,” she said. “They have less traffic that goes through there. They’re not open to the public, so they have to have a premium.”

And it’s not just airports where people are feeling the cost.

How many times have you gone to the movies, only to discover that a standard bottle of water sets you back around $6 or $7? That’s on top of the inflated prices of chocolates and lollies that supermarkets often sell for half the price, and even more for a bit of popcorn. Theme parks and zoos are known to charge ridiculous amounts of money for lunch items such as hotdogs and hamburgers, while some restaurants feel the need to increase the price of meals you know you can cook better and cheaper at home.

Of course, the rent paid by the retailers is often key to the charges, as well as the fact that they often have a ‘captive audience’ who don’t have as much choice to buy elsewhere. And others argue that that the higher basic wage enjoyed by Aussie workers is partly to blame, with the generally high cost of living in Australia compared to other countries making those wages necessary.

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Are these inflated costs justified? What’s the largest amount you’re willing to pay for a meal? Do you buy your food outside or prepare it at home if you know you’re going somewhere expensive?

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