Choice reveals best and worse dishwashing liquids on the market

dishwashing liquid on sink
Not all dishwashing liquids are created equal.

An eco-friendly dishwashing liquid has been named as the worst on Aussie supermarket shelves.Consumer group Choice says Earth Choice Dishwashing liquid failed to pass their scrub and foam test after they compared more than thirty dishwashing products on the market.

The liquid only rated 28 per cent effectivity with Choice telling the Herald Sun that hot water and a little elbow grease would work better than some dishwashing liquids on the market.

Choice used the scrub and foam tests to determine their results.

They scrubbed the liquids on a dirty white tile to see how well they removed grime and tracked how long the foam from the liquid lasted in a sink and how many washes they could get out of it.

Earth Choice wasn’t the only high-profile brand that failed the make the cut, with Coles Smart Buy Dishwashing Liquid and Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid only rating 29 per cent and 39 per cent respectively.

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Coles Super Strength Dishwashing Liquid cam in at 25 per cent, while Blast Plus Ultra Concentrate was awarded a dismal 37 per cent.

Earth Choice spokesman Justin Dowel defended the brand, telling the Herald Sun that Choice’s testing method was “flawed”.

“It is physically impossible for water to clean grease more effectively than when added with Earth Choice dish washing liquid,” he said.

So which brand came out on top? Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Ultimate was the highest rated liquid with an 80 per cent effectiveness rate.

Kin Kin naturals Eco Dishwash Liquid was a close second at 75 per cent, with Morning Fresh Ultra Concentrate Advanced (fast dry technology) taking third place at 70 per cent. Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate Antibacterial was the highest rated home brand product with an approval rating of 68 per cent.

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The results follow a similar test from Choice last year that saw the group name and shame dodgy washing detergents. Only six products passed their rigorous testing procedures, with some detergents doing only a slightly better than a good old bucket of water.

They tested more than 100 laundry detergents based on stain remove, value for money and environmental impact, and announced the top three for both top loader and front loader machines.

Top Loader winners

  • Trimat Advanced Concentrated Laundry Powder top loader
  • OMO Ultimate powder top loader
  • Trimat Advanced Concentrated Laundry Powder Colour Care top loader

Front Loader winners

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  • Trimat Advanced Concentrated Laundry Powder front loader
  • OMO Ultimate powder top loader
  • OMO with A Touch of Comfort Inspired Freshness Powder top loader

Choice shared this photo of the worst performing clearers on their Facebook page.

Do you use any of these products? Which have you found to be the best and worse?