Aussies are having trouble finding post boxes for their votes

Have you noticed fewer post boxes?

First there were concerns from people who hadn’t received their marriage equality survey forms, then there were concerns over the security of the forms, both with people posting them – and their barcodes – on social media, risking identity theft, or at least vote theft, and with the return envelopes being see-through. 

In short, the entire mission to let every Australian have their say on the subject of whether same-sex couples should be allowed to wed has been plagued with angst and controversy. 

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In the digital age, this is a problem many people probably haven’t noticed in their day to day lives. But now that every voting adult in Australia has their marriage equality vote to post away, they’re finding that the red Australia Post post boxes that used to be on just about every corner are actually quite difficult to find in many areas. 

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People have taken to Twitter to express their frustration in not being able to find a postbox – an issue especially pressing for the younger generation who may not have had need to post a physical letter in the past. 

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Have you noticed fewer post boxes around your area, or perhaps one you used to use missing?