Are these designs taking Ugg boots too far?

The new designer Ugg boots don't look like anything we're used to.

Unattractive as they might be, ugg boots are usually the first thing we’ll reach for on a winter’s day. But even our acceptance of the necessary evil cannot account for the horror that is hipster designer Jeremy Scott’s new collection.

Scott, the name behind the Moschino brand, has reimagined the classic Ugg boot with flames.

Yes, flames.

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And we’re talking reminiscent of a Hot Wheels car here, not some cool artistic design that could feasibly be put on the designated “hideous but obviously high fashion” pile that many of us will never understand.

It’s not just flames, either. One Ugg set from the collection involves sequins – so many sequins. Who knows how long they’ll last before they end up scattered around your house, clogging the vacuum cleaner or providing an obstacle course for your bare feet when you’re too ashamed of the sequined Uggs to wear them anymore.

The Classic Short Jewel Ugg will be available on September 13. Image: Ugg

The most shocking part of this revelation is that the Ugg boots will cost more than $1,500 when they launch on September 13. If you can think of a more egregiously expensive pair of daggy house slippers, we’re all ears, but you’ll probably be hard-pressed to come up with anything.

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“I bought a pair of Ugg Classic boots and fell in absolute love with them,” Scott says in a Vogue article. “I could not pass up the opportunity to do my own take on the classic boot.”

Scott has created eight styles for men, women and children, and it’s entirely possible that each pair will be an even more enthusiastic attempt to give us something we probably never needed.  

If you can honestly see yourself wearing these to the corner store to pick up another bottle of milk, it’s entirely likely that you’ll survive anything the world throws at you. Not all heroes wear capes.

What do you think about this new collection?