Concept caravan that's changing the shape of nomad life

We reckon many of you have some unforgettable memories taking the VW camper van for a spin back in the day. And now, we’ve got some exciting news for your next road trip. VW has announced a shiny addition to the line-up and it’s awfully cute! VW’s new concept electric car is called the Nimbus. It’s just like the classic caravan but with a futurist upgrade. Although it is just in the initial concept stages, do you reckon the camper van can make a comeback? Or, should we say goodbye to our hippy days and tow around the traditional caravan?

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The Brazilian designer, Eduardo Galvan from Hemisferio Criativo, has kept the authentic feel and look of the camper van – smooth curves and panoramic windows. The five-seater van has 360 panoramic views wherever you choose to sit. It gets its power from solar panels, it’s equipped with four-wheel drive, there’s a rack on top to store gear, and to top it off, it has plenty of modern technology, such as outlets and USP ports for other devices. Seems quite high-tech compared to the basic VW we used to cruise around in! Would you like to take this VW for a ride?


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