Clive Palmer is taking Malcolm Turnbull to court

Clive Palmer is no stranger to press conferences or controversy this week claiming to be the victim of “the biggest political witch hunt Australia has ever seen”.

The businessman has let his plans to sue Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Employment Minister Michaelia Cash for defamation today for the amount of $10 million.  

Speaking to the press, Mr Palmer says the reason for the suit is that he believes, “They’ve lied to people about Queensland Nickel and my role in it. They’ve said things designed to damage me, personally, in the public’s eyes, which were not true and they did that for political reasons”.  He added, “Ms Cash will have her day in court, and the prime minister will too unless he thinks he’s above the law.”

Taking to social media after speaking to the press, Mr Palmer made his intentions as well as the targets of his suit known.

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What do you think about the case?  Do you think that Mr Palmer is right to take this action or is he trying to take the attention of his own court case of the Queensland Nickle situation? We would love to read what you have to say about it all in the comment section down below.

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