Just when you thought you’d seen enough of Clive Palmer, he’s in the headlines again.

This time he’s making the news for all the wrongs reasons.

So, what’s he done this time?

Well, as he attended a Brisbane Federal Court this morning Mr Palmer was reportedly involved in a scuffle with reporters and photographers.

He reportedly pushed on reporter out of the way and hit a microphone out of the hand of another.

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He was also filmed threatening a photographer his bodyguards had early shoved twice.

‘If you push my wife again, you will be sorry,’ Mr Palmer shouted at the man.

So what’s got Mr Palmer so hot under the collar?

On Friday, the former MP accused the media of assaulting his wife.

The interesting thing is the photographer he threatened today reportedly wasn’t at the court on Friday.

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The former MP also took to social media, slamming the actions of the media.

Source: Twitter

In a series of Twitter posts, Mr Palmer slammed the media.

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“It is a very disturbing situation that my wife Anna was aggressively pushed whilst the media was harassing me in pursuit of coverage,” he wrote.

“Its sad that in order for media to obtain a story they resort to becoming aggressive to create tension & therefore currency 4 news coverage.”

You might be wondering what the media have to say about the incident.

Well, media representatives are disputing Mr Palmer’s claims, instead pointing the blame at one of his security officers.

It’s also reported that another news photographer was pushed into the bushes outside court on Friday.

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Mr Palmer has been answering questions in court over the downfall of Queensland Nickel.

And of course he’s not happy with the hearing so far.

‘To date the examination has been a disappointment, as the examiner will not ask me why Queensland Nickel went into administration,’ he said.

‘The liquidator knows the answer does not reflect well on professional liquidators.’