Priscilla Presley shares rare candid photo of Elvis with her late dad

Priscilla Presley has taken a trip down memory lane. Source: Getty.

Priscilla Presley marked Elvis’ birthday with a candid photo of him smiling alongside her late father, who sadly died recently.

The 72-year-old paid tribute to her father James Wagner on Twitter, and said both him and her late husband were like “two youngsters sharing military stores”. The picture shows a younger Elvis laughing and looking relaxed as he stands beside his father-in-law.

Both men are dressed smartly in suits – with the photo appearing to have been taken on their wedding day – and it’s a far cry from the rock star’s usual on-stage image. Priscilla captioned the photo: “One of my favourite photos of Elvis and my dad. They had a lot of respect for each other. They were like two youngsters sharing military stores when they were together.  They both admired US Army General George S. Patton and both loved the film ‘Patton’ with George C. Scott.”

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Fans shared tributes underneath the photo, with one writing: “Sorry for your loss, I know you will miss your dad. Now two of your favourite men are sharing their stories once again. God Bless.” Another added: “Love it. Elvis changed my life in high school, 1997.”

That came just two days after Presley revealed her father had sadly passed away in an emotional Facebook message. She wrote: “Yes, now, it is true. My father passed at 1:04pm on Thurs. After 4 weeks in the hospital we brought him home where he wanted to be with his family.

“His thin and weak body was resting well during his short time home. We played his classic Opera CD’s and took turns attending to him throughout the day. He was with our mom who was standing beside his bed holding his hand…when he took his last breath. We are so relieved that he was peaceful and content. His last words, when he saw all of us, ‘I’m a lucky man’. May God bless you dad.”

Another milestone for EP. Very rare to be on two stamps. 🙂

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It comes after Priscilla appeared on a recent episode of Sunday Night on Channel Seven where she spoke openly and candidly about the relationship she shared with “The King of Rock and Roll”. The Presleys got married on May 1, 1967 and despite splitting in 1973, always remained close.

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She has made it her duty for the past 40 years to ensure her ex-husband’s memory lives on. Speaking to Mike Amore on the program, she said that Elvis was one of a kind.

“I’ve never met anyone like him, ever, he was very easy to love,” she said. “You couldn’t help but fall in love with him. He just seemed to have it all. He was every general’s soldier, he was every son to every mother, I mean he just connected. He connected.”

What was your favourite Elvis song or performance of all time? What are your memories of him?