Old assault allegation comes back to haunt John Travolta

Travolta has been accused of similar acts before. Source: Getty Images

Another day, another Hollywood legend accused of past sexual misconduct. This time it’s John Travolta and the resurfacing of a sexual battery case levelled against him in the year 2000. 

While the incident involving a 21-year-old male masseur has been previous reportedly, police documentation of the incident has only just been brought to light amidst the naming of several Hollywood bigwigs in sexual harassment and assault cases.

Travolta was 43 at the time of the 2000 incident, which took place at the LaQuinta Hotel in Palm Springs, California according to The Daily Beast

The facility’s spa had allegedly been opened after midnight for Travolta’s personal use on February 15. “Travolta demanded a deep body massage … but the man claims Travolta wanted a more intimate rubdown.” 

According to reports, the police report (filled out by an Officer Mark Peters) reads that the masseur “told me he asked Travolta what area of the body he wanted him to concentrate on the most, and Travolta replied the buttocks. He said that during the course of the massage, Travolta kept removing the towel covering the area, and exposing his buttocks. [The masseur] told me it is improper to remove the towel, so he kept replacing it.” 

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At Travolta’s request, the masseur reportedly joined him in the steam room, where Travolta “reached under [the masseur’s] towel and began to rub his inner thigh”. “He also said that Travolta moved the towel to one side, thus exposing most of the buttocks, and began rubbing him on his bare buttocks, as well as the groove between the buttocks. [The masseur] said he told Travolta he felt uncomfortable with what was being done, so he got up and left the steam room.” then “began rubbing [the masseur’s] bare buttocks as well as in the grove between. 

The masseur left, feeling uncomfortable, but Travolta allegedly followed him and made repeated suggestive queries while the man was packing up his massage table. 

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“He told me he made no advances toward Travolta, and didn’t say anything to lead him on,” Peters writes in the police report.

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By the time Peters arrived at the hotel, Travolta had already checked out and was unavailable for a police interview. 

Peters noted that the details of the case “did not meet the elements of battery … or sexual battery” and the case was “closed unfounded”. 

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The specific details of the allegations have never been released before, but this new information from the police report has now been picked up by mainstream media, and is quickly snowballing on Twitter. Many are re-sharing old articles from 2012, in which several masseurs (who chose to be unnamed at the time) claimed that they had experienced the same treatment by Travolta. 

Do you believe the allegations?