Bernard Tomic boasts he's 'buying everything' on the Gold Coast

Bernard Tomic
Bernard Tomic has suggested that he will buy the Gold Coast with his millions. Source: Getty

He’s come under fire for his bratty behaviour in the past and it looks like Bernard Tomic hasn’t learnt his lesson yet.

The 25-year-old has smugly reminded the general public that he’s a multi-millionaire, revealing he’s spent the past few weeks splashing his cash on the Gold Coast.

Speaking exclusively to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the tennis star said he was in no hurry to get back to the game that made him a household name. “I just made a million dollars for four days on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!,” he said. “I just bought another house. I’m buying everything on the Gold Coast.”

Tomic was one of the big names to enter Channel Ten’s popular reality show in January, but after just four days in the African jungle, he told his fellow contestants he was seriously depressed and that he needed to exit the reality show to get back to playing tennis.

“I don’t need this now. I’ve never felt this bad in my life,” he explained at the time. “This is the jungle. It’s so different. Not what I expected. I need some peace. This is going to knock me around for a week, two weeks. I’m just not coping. It’s too risky. I don’t know If I can do it.”

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During his brief stint on the show, Tomic was grilled by the other contestants about his attitude towards tennis. He admitted he wasn’t in love with the game, but they said he wouldn’t be happy with himself if he retired at such a young age. When he eventually did walk from the show, he said that he was doing so to get his tennis career back on track.

Since returning to Australia, Tomic hasn’t actually played a professional match and was publicly shamed by other players including Lleyton Hewitt, who slammed the athlete’s decision to pick reality TV fame over tennis. He even went as far as to say he didn’t think Tomic would play for the Australian team again.

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“He’s digging a big hole for himself that he may not be able to get out of,” Hewitt said. “We can’t do any more, believe me, the last two years has been hard work for a lot of people. We’ve bent over backwards to help Bernie in so many ways.”

Tomic told The Gold Coast Bulletin he may return to tennis in “three of four weeks”, while they reported has spent a lot of time at popular night clubs on the Gold Coast since returning from South Africa.

His latest money-making brag isn’t the first time he’s been vocal about his wealth. In January, he spat the dummy after crashing out of the Australian Open qualifier and when reporters asked him what he would do after the loss, he said that it was all about the money. “I just count my money, that’s all I do,” he said. “I count my millions.”

He was also handed one of the biggest fines in Wimbledon history last year after throwing a match because he was “bored of the game”. He’s suggested that his upbringing is to blame for his behaviour, revealing that he spent most of his childhood on the tennis court training with his father. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from attacking tennis fans and telling them they will never have the lavish lifestyle he enjoys. 

What do you think? Are you a fan of Bernard Tomic, or does he need a serious reality check?