Has Barry Manilow found the recipe for world happiness?

Singer Barry Manilow has joked about becoming president. Source: Getty

After a year of fake news, war and not a great deal of happiness, singer Barry Manilow may just have the recipe to world happiness.

The 74-year-old, who has brought joy to millions around the world for decades, pondered some thoughts on Twitter last night.

In fact, he even suggested that he’d be a good replacement for Donald Trump.

“I know, I’ll run for president,” the ‘Can’t Smile Without You’ singer quipped.

“I’ll make some romantic music. Everybody will get laid. And everybody will be happy again.”

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He then sent fans into a frenzy with his follow up tweet.

“MAHA. Make America happy again,” he wrote. “Manilow2020.”

Almost instantly, fans quickly began to pledge their support and desire to see Manilow in the White House.

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One person wrote: “You’ve got my vote… Manilow for president 2020, make America kind again, and the whole world will sing!”

Another comment added: “You got my vote and I’m not even in the States! Damn! With you all the way with your ‘plan’ though.”


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While it does appear that the music legend was just joking with his message about running for president, you can’t blame him for wanting to make the world a better place.

Earlier this month, the singer shared just how relevant his music was in modern times.

Is song ‘Mandy’ had been streamed 29,429 times in one day on Spotify and in total, his music was listened to for over 2,219,800 hours in 2017.

That’s quite the achievement and a hell of a lot of Manilow! 

Do you think Barry would make a good president? What is your favourite Barry Manilow song?