Can you spot the deadly reptile in this photo?

It's scary how easily they camouflage. Image: Facebook/Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers

High temperatures in Australia unfortunately don’t just mean barbecues, beers, and trips to the beach. The soaring heat also means that some of our terrifying and deadly wildlife come out of hiding, seeking shelter and generally scaring the pants of everyone.  

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This includes both snakes and spiders (along with a few harmless and cute lizards), and it might not be so bad if the threat was immediately obvious, but these critters have the horrifying ability to make themselves near invisible, especially in a bush setting.  

Because we just can’t get enough of our dangerous wildlife, Aussie’s also love to see pictures of them online, and there is a big demand to follow various snake-catcher accounts to see the critters they heroically remove from everyday homes. Snake Out Brisbane Snake Catchers are one such account, and they have recently uploaded a picture with one of our – and the world’s, for that matter – most deadly snakes hiding out among sticks. 

Can you see it? The head is hidden, but the body of the deadly Eastern Brown snake can be seen hiding amongst the sticks just below centre in the photo. 

The picture has completely baffled Facebook users, with many still unable to see the snake even after having it pointed out, no doubt making them reconsider that summer hiking, camping, or bushwalking trip they may have had planned. 

Were you able to see it? Have you ever had a close encounter with a snake?