Breaking: Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died

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It seems to be 2016 is the year for high profile deaths.

This time, there are reports former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died.

State TV is Cuba is reporting the former president has died aged 90, according to the BBC.

Castro ruled the island nation for almost half a century, up until 2008 when he handed power to his brother Raul.

There are no reports at this stage as to how Castro died, although his health had long been rumoured to be in decline.

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Earlier this year he addressed his health in a rare public statement, CNN reports.

“Soon I will turn 90 years old, never would such a thing have occurred to me and it’s not the outcome of any effort; it was fate’s whim,” Castro said back in April.

“Soon I will be like everyone else. To all of us comes our turn.”

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