Boomer parents smoke weed with their adult children on camera… really!

This video of parents smoking weed with their adult children is being hailed by youth media sites as thoroughly entertaining. From where we sit it looks a little nuts and even a little silly.  It’s as though the younger generation think that older people never found weed, tried it and wrote it off for the benefits of an everyday normal life!

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The video sits a selection of parents down with their daughters and sons who look thrilled to be able to share their bongs and doobies with their oldies and then ask each other crazy questions that are somewhat direct.  It comes at time when marijuana is being legalised in various states of the USA.  

The video, made by Cut Video will make you giggle and cringe all at the same time.  But you’ve got to tell us what you think!   


Would you get stoned with your child on camera if it was legal?  Do you think it should be legal? 


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