Betty White shares some hilarious wisdom on her 95th Birthday

Betty White has entertained millions since her debut as “Phone Girl” on the 1949 TV show Hollywood on Television. Since then she has worked on some the greatest television shows and movies. Her work on Mary Tyler Moore and The Golden Girls are some of her more iconic roles.

This week was the actresses 95th Birthday, and she sat down with US interviewer Katie Couric for a special interview. In the interview, she reflected on her life, her love for animals, and how life moved on after the death of her husband, Allen Ludden in 1981.

Betty told Katie, “I keep thinking, ‘Betty, you’re 95 years old.’” While she doesn’t feel it, she believes it’s because she is “the luckiest broad on two feet.” When Katie asked her if she’s had some celebrations, Betty claimed: “I have been milking it.” Adding “I’m shamefaced” while laughing.

Betty is still working a lot, with guest spots on various television programs and television commercials. However, it’s her love of animals that gets her out of bed in the morning, well, that and the fact that her beloved dog wakes her up at 6:30 every morning. Betty says it’s “the best way to wake up.” Regarding her love of animals, Betty does a lot of activism work for animal rights and pet adoption; she told Katie, “I’m a little strange for any kind of animal, except possibly the two-legged kind.”

She’s also an “admitted addict” of crossword puzzles, so much so that if she is visiting a friend with a puppy who has laid down a newspaper and she sees a crossword she’s known to pick it up saying “No, honey, you can’t go on that.”

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Even though Betty has been married three times, she tells Katie that once “you find the right one and it makes everything fall into place.” Her third husband actor and game show host; Allen passed away at 63-years-old due to stomach cancer and Betty never remarried as he was “the love of my life.” Betty says dealing with such a loss means taking it “one day at a time,” adding “You don’t look ahead, and you try not to look back, but of course you can’t help that.” When asked if she ever thought about remarrying Betty said, “Remarry? No. Fool around. Sure!”

Finally, Betty was asked to offer her advice for a long and happy life. Betty stated, “First of all, keep busy. And don’t focus everything on you. That wears out pretty fast. It’s not hard to find things you are interested in. But enjoy them and indulged them, and I think that keeps you on your toes.”

Through her work Betty has kept us on ours. Who can’t help but love Betty White?

What is your favourite Betty White role?