The future of cruising looks like something from Star Trek! Would you go there?

It looks like something from an outer space movie, and this new cruise ship could be the way of our future. It’s called the City of Mereins, but not everybody is convinced about its safety or design!

Conceptualised by French architect Jacques Rougerie, this evolutionary ship would dwarf anything currently sailing the ocean. On paper, the ship measures 500 metres wide and 900 metres in length. It measures up to 60 metres high.

A proposed ray-shaped floating, self-contained, self-sustaining ocean research platform.

Posted by Interesting Engineering on Sunday, September 6, 2015

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The City of Mereins is designed like an actual city, and would offer its 7,000 passengers extraordinary views throughout. By contrast, the world’s largest cruise ship currently measures just 360 metres in length, with a capacity of about 6,300 guests.

Designed to mimic the looks and movement of a manta ray, the City of Meriens would be environmentally sustainable. It would run on renewable energy, and boast features like sustainable food production and on-board greenhouses.

The city of Mériens was designed to be completely self-sustainable and autonomous:

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The crowning jewel of this futuristic ship would be its interior lagoon. Based at the ‘tail’ of the manta ray design, this pool would allow swimmers to enjoy a view of the ocean. Not everyone is convinced about the idea, though.

Some Facebook users believe the City of Meriens would be too expensive to build, whilst others worried about safety. One Facebook user wrote, “a little wave and it goes 20,000 leagues under the seas!” Whilst another person added, it “looks like something a Bond Villain would live on”.

It remains to be seen whether major cruise companies will adopt this design, although it would certainly be fascinating!

Would you travel on a futuristic ship like the City of Meriens? Do you prefer to stick with ships that are tried and tested? Do you like this design?