BBC film crew forced to run for thier lives on safari

It didn't take long for the leopard the pounce.

A BBC film crew have had a lucky escape after they were chased down by an angry leopard in Botswana.

The crew was there for the show Spy In The Wild, narrated by David Tennant, and were hoping to get some cracking footage of the African animals when they came across a little more than they bargained for.

The crew had tracked the leopard to a small field where it was being harassed by a pack of dogs. The small dogs appear to be deliberately winding it up for a bit of fun and end up forcing it up to the top of a tree before running away.

Once they’ve gone though, the angry leopard quickly turns its attention to the crew and lets out a roar before leaping to the ground and charging right at them.

Cameraman Richard Jones has spent his life filming animals in the wild and it’s lucky he had his wits about him that day as a nifty little trick ended up saving the lives of everyone there.

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As the crew runs back into the car to take cover, Richard throws his hat at the big cat to distract it and they make it inside just in time.

The thrilling footage has already attracted thousands of views with some people saying the ordeal has turned them off safari for life!

“Oh hell no!!! That was scary,” wrote one commenter.

Once you get over the fear factor, it’s actually quite cool!

Have you been on safari? How do you reckon you would handle a situation like this? Do you like watching shows like this?