Barnaby Joyce has some brutal advice for unemployed

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has slammed unemployed Aussies "who don't want to work".

All the talk about 457 Visas has put focus on the attitudes of Aussies and their work ethics – and there’s been plenty of criticism of young Aussies not wanting to work long or dirty jobs.

Now, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has joined the fray, firing off some choice words at unemployed Aussies “who don’t want to work”.

He told The Australian there was “a contract” between unemployed Aussies and taxpayers – that they would do their best to find a job and get off welfare.

“That contract comes with a deal: that if you are out of a job, you damn well get off your backside and do your very best to find a job,” he said.

“Because otherwise other people­ are working for you, and those people are not slaves for you. The people at home are not slaves for the people who don’t want to work, so get off your ­backside and have a crack and do your best.

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“And those people will continue to work to support you if you can’t, but there is a strong expect­ation that you get out there and have a go, and if you don’t want to have a go, then the mums and dads at home watching this do not have to pay for you.”

What do you think about Barnaby Joyce’s comments? Do you agree with what he had to say?