Barnaby Joyce faces off against Captain Jack Sparrow

Here’s a giggle for you. Just when you thought the “War on Terriers” couldn’t get any more ridiculous, here’s Barnaby Joyce… in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Canine Calamity.

The YouTube clip, which was aired on ABC’s Insiders on Sunday night, is doing the rounds on social media. It features the Agriculture Minister’s head spliced into a mock-Pirates trailer spouting one-liners about Johnny Depp’s dogs, which were deported on Friday night after being smuggled into the country in Depp’s private jet.

Poor Barnaby Joyce, who – to be fair – had a point about stars flaunting the rules and those adorable Yorkies being a threat to Australia’s local fauna, comes off the fool.

After being told off by Joyce playing a soldier, a trite Depp, in character as Captain Jack Sparrow, mutters,  “I’m very sorry, I didn’t know”.

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As Captain Jack chases a pooch, Joyce can be heard ranting that not even someone who’s been The World’s Sexiest Man twice should be allowed to breach Australia’s quarantine laws.

The clip was created by Huw Parkinson who recently complied a mash up of Star Wars and Christopher Pyne’s declaration, “I fixed it”.

Do you think Barnaby Joyce did the right thing?