Australian travellers should be aware of this important security trick

Airport Security Scam

When we head off overseas most of us are more concerned with what might happen when we get there, not what could happen before we even arrive.

But a Brisbane couple has learned the hard way that it pays to stay vigilant from the moment you arrive at the airport after having their holiday money and credit cards stolen at the airport security gate.

Graeme and Helen Page said they were going through the security screening at Brisbane Airport when an opportunistic thief snatched their wallet from right under their noses.

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The couple had put the wallet on a tray, along with their shoes and belts as is standard at all international security gates.

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When they got through to the other side to pick up their belongings on the conveyer belt they found their wallet containing credit cards and $800 cash was gone.

It’s a trick that has been rising in popularity lately – thieves stand in front of you in line at the security gate and wait for you to put your valuables on the tray.

They then walk through the gate first and pick up your belongings before you get through to other side.

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Luckily for the Page’s, security footage caught the thief on camera and he was arrested and charged with stealing when he got off his plane in Mount Isa.

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The couple’s daughter Caroline Page said Graeme originally had the wallet attached to his belt for extra safety but was told to remove it by airport staff.

“Dad said he was also required to take off the wallet attached to the belt and put it through the scanner separately,” Ms Page told News Corp.

“When he went back to pick up his wallet, it was gone. He’d put it in one of those scanning trays.

“It was rather ironic that they’d gone through the process of getting the extra-safe wallets and carry bags for their trip, to be robbed in Brisbane.

“And I suppose it’s one of those things that you think you’re safer at home, but you’re not, really.”

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Authorities say you should keep a watchful eye on your items as they go through the security checkpoint and should try to time it so you walk through the gate at the same time your belongings go through the scanner.

Have you ever had anything stolen while on holiday? How do you keep your valuables safe when you’re travelling?

This article was originally posted as “Aussie travellers warned over airport security trick”.