Aussie mum's super-strict rules for teen daughter go viral

girl with hand up
The mother wanted her to be more considerate.

Most people go through a period of teenage rebellion, and most parents keep their scoldings private.

However, one Maroochydore mum was so fed up she took to the internet to share her methods.

After planting a list of strict rules on her daughter’s bedroom door and the fridge, the mother shared them as an anonymous post in a community Facebook group.

“This will be monitored and if the following is not done, and you are not happy with how WE choose to have OUR home run, then you can find somewhere else to live,” began the note, which was titled ‘Rules for Living in Our Home’.

The mother stressed that the rules weren’t an attempt to kick her daughter out of home; she simply wanted the teenager to contribute more to the family and show some consideration.

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“On the days you are NOT working, you will get out of bed BY 10am,” the note read.

The daughter, which some reports said was aged 18, was encouraged to get up and “get a life” rather than sleeping all day. She must also be home by 6.30pm (on nights when she isn’t working) to help prepare dinner and eat with her family. After washing up and taking out the rubbish, the girl can “go out with friends until 10.30pm”.

The mother spoke to Sunshine Coast Daily about the viral post, and said the 10.30pm curfews were instated because she and her husband worked long hours. On weekend nights, she expected her daughter to find somewhere other than the family home to stay if  she intended to stay out past midnight.

While the mother posted her rules on Facebook in a bid to gain support and connect with those in a similar situation, she received hundreds of negative comments, with some suggesting the woman would alienate her daughter completely.

But the mother has stayed strong in her views.

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“There is absolutely nothing wrong with our daughter having a social life, but she needs to respect the people she lives with,” the mother told Sunshine Coast Daily.

And the list of house rules seems to have hit the mark.

“She was up before 10am and washed the dishes and helped cook,” the mother said.

What do you think of these rules? Would they have worked in your house?