Aussie celebrity slammed for shock statement saying her "home is in America"

This Aussie celebrity has said that she no longer thinks of herself of Australian and now she has paid the price of such a shock statement.

Her honesty has now copped major backlash from Australian fans who feel Iggy Azalea has finally forgotten her homeland.

Jessica Kelly ‏said on Twitter, “why are you back in Australia last interview I watched you said you just grow up here its not home! Did you fail in America?”

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Azalea who was born in Mullumbimby, NSW, moved to the US when she was just 16 years old to pursue a rap career and now 26-year-old Iggy Azalea has decided she wants to leave her heritage behind. She said, “I mean, to be honest with you, my home is in America,” she said as quoted by Daily Mail.

Azalea also hinted that there was not much musical talent in Australia when she was growing up.
“To be the best, you have to compete with the best. The people I saw back then who I saw in the charts, who were at the top of our charts, were American.”

The shock statements by Azalea seem to come at an odd time as she is actually currently judging alongside fellow Australians Jason Dundas and Guy Sebastian, and USA-born singer Adam Lambert for the Australian version of the X Factor.

Aussie girl Iggy Azalea said, “I mean, to be honest with you, my home is in America,”

She told The Northern Star about her reason for leaving Australia: “I was drawn to America because I felt like an outsider in my own country, I was in love with hip hop, and America is the birthplace of that, so I figured the closer I was to the music, the happier I’d be. I was right.”

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Iggy lived in Florida for several years, but now resides permanently in Los Angeles.

She said, “It’s great to come back [to Australia] and visit my grandparents, but there is no home connection.”

Some people say that she should not forget her birth country now that she’s a superstar while others believe that it is her right to determine where she feels home is.

What do you think? Is it fair for her to be judged for what she said?