After a long few months away from home Australia’s Olympic athletes are finally back on home soil and they certainly look happy about it.

The athletes touched down in Sydney this morning to huge fanfare with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, and hundred and friends, family and fans waiting to greet them with cheers and hugs.

Although they could be forgiven for looking tired, all the athletes had big smiles on their faces as they left the plane and caught up with their loved ones.

Channel Seven’s Sunrise team was on site and chatted to the athletes about their Olympic experience.

Pentathlon gold medalist Chloe Esposito said it had been a difficult road to Rio, uprooting her whole life and moving overseas so she could train for the event.

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“It’s been a hard four years, but its been all worth it,” she said.

Swimmer Mack Horton was greeted by his parents who couldn’t contain their pride, telling reporters they were still in awe of their son’s gold medal swim.

“He’s amazing isn’t he? Takes after his mum,” said Mack’s dad.

Although the Rio Games have only just ended, many of the athletes are already looking forward to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo where they will compete for gold medal glory once more.

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The journey to the next Games will be an interesting one though, with the entire team copping a lot of flak for what many are saying was a disappointing performance overall.

The comments come as a ‘kick in the guts’ for many of the athletes who have dedicated their lives to training for the Games over the past four years.

It has drummed up a lot of debate over how much taxpayer money is used to fund our Olympic Team, with some saying it’s not worth the cost.

Either way, these athletes are considered heroes in the eyes of many and it’s nice to finally have them home safe and well!

What are your thoughts and do you have a welcome home message for our team?

Was Australia’s performance at the Olympics disappointing? Or should people stop criticising and thank them for all their hard work and devotion?