As an Australian, what do you think needs to be done about terrorism?

Over the weekend Tony Abbott released a statement saying that Australia’s terror prevention and management system would be closely scrutinised over the next while with changes being sought out.

He is expected to make a statement in Parliament today about national security after saying that in the wake of the Lindt Cafe Siege, there was proof that “the system failed”.

A report was released by the Federal Government in conjuction with the New South Wales government that allegedly showed changes to personal freedoms were needed. The New Daily reports that more stringent visa processes, citizenship and bail controls would all be necessary to improve the national response.

What happened with Monis at the Lindt Cafe was an example of how our system was not strong enough. Allegedly 18 phone calls had been made to the national security hotline about his statements on Facebook in the week prior to the siege. He was on bail for involvement in murder. He was also well known to government security agencies. Yet our system let him walk free.

It’s quite clear that the changes to be announced are much needed. But how much will they compromise the freedom of the every day person? It’s something that I find myself worrying about because although we want safety and security, too much could be a heavy influence in changing the culture of Australia.

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So today tell us… What do you think should be done to combat terrorism in Australia? What could be done to make you feel safer? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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