Are you mispronouncing these popular brand names?

When it comes to pronouncing popular brand names like Nike, Hyundai and IKEA many of us think we’ve got it covered.

It turns out though, most of us are saying it completely wrong!

Some names like Porsche have been fooling people for years, with many pronouncing it as ‘porsh’ instead of the correct ‘por-sha’.

Than there’s popular homewares store IKEA, which is meant to be pronounced ‘ih-key-yah’ not ‘eye-key-ah’.

Nutella cleared up the correct way to say its name back in 2015 after its website was flooded with requests for clarification.

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The brand said it is meant to be pronounced ‘new-tell-uh’ – not ‘nuh-tell-uh’ like most people say.

Similarly, sports brand Nike cleared up any confusion when its chairman made said it is pronounced ‘Nikey’ not ‘Nike’.

Other brands names that have tripped people up years are Volkswagen, which is pronounced with a silent ‘l’ – ‘Vo-ks Var-gun’, and Hyundai, which is meant to be pronounced ‘Hun-day’ not ‘Hi-un-day’.

Next come the fashion labels whose tricky French names often lead to people say them completely wrong.

Louis Vuitton is meant to be pronounced ‘Loo-ee Vi-ton’ not ‘Louis-vi-ton’, and Hermes is ‘Air-mez’ not ‘Her-mees’.

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Take a look at the full list below with the correct pronunciation next to the brand name and tell us if you’ve been saying any of these incorrectly!

Brand names and their correct pronunciation

Nutella – New-tell-ah
Ikea – Ik-key-ah
Hyundai – Hun-day
Porsche – Por-sha
Nike – Ni-key
Hoegaarden – Who-gar-den
Hermes – Air-mez
Volkswagen – Vo-ks Var-gun
Lambourghini – Lam-bor-gee-nee
Adobe – Ah-doh-bee
Yves Saint Laurent – Eves San Loh-ron
Louis Vuitton – Loo-ee Vi-ton
Stella Artois – Stell-ah Ar-twa
Adidas – A-DEE-das
Renault – Ren-oh
Chevrolet – Shev-ro-lay
Tag Huer – Tag Haw-yer

Do you or anyone you know say these the wrong way? Do you have any other words to add to the list?