Are these the world's sweetest grandparents?

The woman's grandparents take turns waving to her from their yard as she catches the bus to work each morning. Source: Getty

Sometimes, the smallest gestures are the most meaningful. 

A twitter user has uploaded a video to the social media platform, which has gone viral, showing the view she sees out of her bus window as she travels to work every morning. 

The bus route goes past the back of her grandparents’ house, and the user, @Riosmithh, says that every morning her Gran or Granddad stand outside and wave to her as she leaves for work.

Watch the sweet video below: 

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It obviously touched the hearts of Twitter users, getting more than 30,000 re-tweets, and over 135,000 likes. 

Some had advice for the original poster, one telling her to “cherish them – you’re very lucky to have each other” and another saying “I’ve never wanted to hug two people I don’t know more than I do right now.”

It evoked some sentimental memories for many people. 

Gordon Morris wrote, “Each morning my mum waved when I was a bairn going to school. I walked. I stopped. I waved. I Walked. I Stopped. I Waved again. I miss that.”

“When I leave my parents house I have to stop at the end of the path and wave, they do same when they leave mine,” wrote Rowanne Westhenry. 

Do you have any special little traditions or gestures like this in your family?