Are these the most powerful people to you? 2015 power list revealed

Source: Australian Financial Review

Every year the Australian Financial Review releases its list of the most powerful people and things in Australia and this year’s list is a doozy.

Not only did the AFR go to print on the issue before Malcolm Turnbull was elected, they also included some polarising social topics in their cultural power list particularly.

In three categories, Australian figures and influencers were ranked. For covert power, defence and security chiefs got the top spot, followed by publisher Rupert Murdoch. In the mix were industry super funds, Labor deputy Tanya Plibersek and James Packer.

In the overt power category, it’s no surprise that Malcolm Turnbull is number one, however Media Watch revealed that as the issue had gone to the presses before the spill, AFR had to include a paper insert in the issue to revise the number one spot from Tony Abbott to Turnbull:

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The new PM was closely followed by NSW Premier Mike Baird, an obvious choice. Julie Bishop, Liberal backbenchers, Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten were all in there, but the most surprising choices in the power lists were in the cultural power list.

According to AFR, Justice Peter McClellan is the most powerful culturally in this country, due to the royal commission he has headed into years of sexual abuse of children. “It’s allowing the nation to address an issue that was previously largely taboo, thereby helping to heal a great wound”.

Second on the cultural power list Rosie Batty for her powerful work in bringing domestic violence out of the shadows and into the spotlight. However it was number three on the list that drew the most shock from readers: ISIS/threat of terrorism. It was chosen because “Australia has become a more fearful nation”.

Take a look at the list images below and tell us, who do you feel is the most powerful person or social issue in Australia? What affects you the most, as an over 60?

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Images via AFR.