Are these the most annoying habits of plane passengers?

Travelling in economy on long haul flights is never fun, what with the cramped seats and bad food. But it isn’t always the plane itself that makes people irate – it’s their fellow passengers.

A new survey of annoying habits of plane passengers how shown just what gets on our nerves when we fly.

5,000 travellers were asked to rank the most annoying behaviours of the other people on their flights, with 60 per cent saying ‘people that smell’ ground their gears the most. Children and their parents were also in the war path, coming in at number two for seat kickers and number three for incredulous parents.

The survey from travel website Just the Flight was presented as an infographic, titled the ‘21 people we hate on flights’, reveals that crying children (41 per cent) and people who are rude to flight attendants (37 per cent) rounded out the top five.

Other annoying passengers who made the list include:

  • The drunk
  • People who recline their seats
  • People who steal your arm rest
  • People who encroach on your seat
  • People who clap after landing
  • Stag do “lads” aka men on a bucks party trip
  • Queue jumpers
  • People who play music too loudly
  • The passive aggressive complainer
  • People who remove their socks
  • People that eat smelly food
  • The faffer aka someone looking in their hand luggage too long
  • Overhead locker hogs
  • Mr Chatty Man aka the person who won’t shut up
  • The nervous flyer
  • Frequent toilet users

Tell us, which of these habits annoys you most on the plane?

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