Are these the funniest place names on earth? Or can Australia do better?

I’ll never forget being a young office junior and being asked to send a package to a place called Humpty Doo. Surely they were making a joke at my expense? Nope, sure enough, Humpty Doo is a real place in the Northern Territory.

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Funny place names aren’t limited to Australia, of course, there are plenty around the world that give us a giggle:

  • Westward Ho!, Devon, UK
  • Accident, Maryland, US
  • Beaverlick, Kentucky, US
  • Bitchfield, Lincolnshire, UK
  • No Name, Colorado, US
  • Mars, Pennsylvania, US
  • Intercourse, Pennsylvania, US
  • Swastika, Ontario, Canada
  • Satan’s Kingdom, Connecticut, US
  • Punkeydoodles Corner, Ontario, Canada
  • North Pole, Alaska, US
  • Moon, Pitssburgh, US
  • Bastardstown, Wexford, Ireland

Closer to home, here are some other place names that will make you smile:

  • Foul Bay, SA
  • Humpybong, QLD
  • Poowong, VIC
  • Rooty Hill, NSW
  • Yorkeys Knob, QLD
  • Tom Ugly, NSW
  • Jimcumbilly, NSW
  • Chinaman’s Knob , VIC
  • Burrumbuttock, NSW
  • Coffin Bay, SA
  • Nar Nar Goon, VIC
  • Tittybong, VIC
  • Dunedoo, NSW
  • Humpty Doo, NT

Have you been to any of these funnily named destinations? What others can you add to the list?