Are celebrities making anger and domestic violence acceptable?

Society builds up celebrities to the point that they begin to believe they are invincible. This can be dangerous when they start to think that they are untouchable when accused of anger and domestic violence.
One star that’s been plagued recently with these invincibility notions is Johnny Depp.

To add to the allegations of domestic violence against him, a new video has been published on gossip website TMZ that shows actor Johnny Depp getting angry with his ex Amber Heard and throwing a wine glass.

In the clip the 53-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star can be seen swearing and banging cupboard doors while Amber — who is secretly filming the exchange on a mobile phone — asks him what’s wrong.
At one point Amber apologises (it’s not clear what she’s apologising for) and mentions they had previously been “having a nice morning”.

She then asks Johnny if he drank the wine from the half-empty bottle that is sitting on the bench, which sends him into a rage.

He then realises he is being filmed and grabs the phone.

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The videotaped incident is said to have occurred months before the altercation when Heard claims Depp injured her face when he threw a mobile phone at her.

Another incident that’s come to light recently is the rant by Mel Gibson, leaked online. It is expletive-laden, and emotionally attacks his ex Oksana Grigorieva.

In anger, he is heard saying, “You go out in public and it’s a f****** embarrassment to me! You look like a f****** b**** on (ecstasy). And if you get raped by a pack of n*****s it’ll be your fault. All right? Because you provoked it.”

This is bordering on the victim-blaming mentality towards rapes that as a society, we are hoping to get rid of.

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He has spoken out about his battle with alcohol addiction just after this recording came to light. However, people believe that actors like him and Mr Depp can’t blame their problems on even more problems without taking some responsibility for their actions.

Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Ozzy Osbourne and Ike Turner have all been accused of hitting and abusing their partners, yet they still get offered movie roles and recording contracts and paid millions of dollars.

There have been calls for big-name celebrities like these to face real consequences for their actions, with many saying it encourages other people to think they can get away with abuse too.

Do you think celebrities get away with too much?