Amazing dancing gorilla video makes the internet a happier place

It's clear 15-year-old Zola the Western lowland gorilla loves tub time. Source: YouTube/Dallas Zoo Tube

The internet groans under the weight of cute animal videos, but this one really is worth watching, just because you’re unlikely to have ever seen any creature enjoy a bath quite as much.

A video of Zola the gorilla make the most of his tub time at Dallas Zoo has taken over the web, appearing on news outlets large and small as well as dominating social media.

It’s not the first time Zola’s had a brush with online fame – his moves when he was at Calgary Zoo back in 2011 got plenty of attention once set to music.

At the time, the zoo said the 9-year-old Western lowland gorilla “loves to play in water”. What he was doing was not a trained behaviour, the zoo added, it was just Zola having “pure fun”.

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That love of playing in water clearly hasn’t left him, and nor have his nifty dance moves, as the new video from Dallas Zoo shows.

And some viewers spotted an uncanny likeness between Zola’s spins in the bath and Jennifer Beale’s moves in the famous dance sequence in the movie Flashdance, adding an extra element of fun to the film.

Watch the two videos – can you see what they mean?

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Dallas Zoo was delighted to see its simian star go viral, bringing a little Friday joy to the web.