Almost 1 in 5 over 50s regret this... Do you?

Almost one fifth of over 50s have this on their bucket list… It isn’t something exciting about travel or exploration, it is something that is filled with silent regret. It isn’t that people would like to see more of their children or that they’d like to change their career. It is that they’d like to fall in love again- Because they married the wrong person. So today we want to know, what are your biggest regrets, if any?

An online survey quizzed 1,000 over 50s about their top ten regrets and surprisingly, not falling in love came in third (17%). This was behind wishing they’d seen more of the world (23%) and wishing they’d saved more for retirement (19%).

According to the Daily Mail, the top ten regrets were:

1) Not seeing enough of the world

2) Not saving enough for retirement

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3) Marrying the wrong person

4) Not telling their parents how much they meant to them

5) Choosing the wrong career

6) Spending too much time at work

7) Not spending enough time with their children

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8) Worrying too much about what other people thought

9) Not learning to play a musical instrument

10) Not asking grandparents more about their life before they died

It is sad to get to the prime of our lives and have so many regrets – especially things like number 4 and number 10 where they are things that sadly, may not be possible to change anymore.

So how can we make sure we live without regrets? Does it all come down to attitude? Tell us, what are your biggest regrets? Share your thoughts in the comments below…