Alan Jones sounds off about potential new NSW Premier

The shock resignation of New South Wales Premier Mike Baird is still sending tremors through the government while his likely replacement is coming under from outside the government.

Talkback icon Alan Jones is never one to hold back his feelings; it’s part of his profession. He has taken umbrage with the likely selection of Gladys Berejiklian labelling her a “bad choice”.

The main reason that Mr Jones is against her appointment is that her inexperience with a position of its type. Mr Jones stated that she “is not across these issues in a million light years”. He is also claiming that the entire situation is a “stitch up” accusing Ms Berejiklian of “ringing up and doing deals so that this would all be a fait accompli” even before Mr Baird’s resignation.

Mr Jones continued saying, “There are other candidates … let them throw their hat into the ring along with Gladys Berejiklian who was quick out of the blocks to say ‘I’m a starter’ … yes, of course, you’d already organised the numbers before Baird had made the announcement.”

The comments haven’t ruffled Ms Berejiklian as she told the press this morning, “There will be so many people having so many opinions about me, and that’s normal”. She added, “Six years in the limelight has exposed me to a glimpse of what could be ahead of me if I’m successful on Monday.

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“I believe there are always challenges for anybody putting their hand up for leadership roles in this state and it would be miraculous if everybody supported the same person – that is what democracy is about.”

If folks were thinking that Mr Jones was a fan of Mr Baird, he made it clear that he wasn’t. He believes that the former Premier has “cut and run”. He said, “Across NSW people would say ‘What about the families who have been ruined by the greyhound ban … [and] gone broke because of the lockout laws?’ “.

What do you think about Alan Jones’ comments? Do you think he’s right about Ms Berejiklian or is he making a comment before she’s had a chance to prove herself or even get the job?