Aeroplanes will get a major overhaul: Everything you need to know!

Airbus have recently filed a patent for a new design which may mark the end of your need to use overhead luggage compartments. Their new plan is to create an under-seat compartment for your hand luggage while flying, which may reduce the congestion when trying to disembark.

KarryOn have reported that overhead luggage compartments will still be needed for large hand luggage and carry on suitcases, but your small handbags can be easily placed under your chair.

The design will offer a new level of convenience, allowing passengers to lift the seat cushion and keep their valuables safely inside the compartment.

However, this new feature will have its downfalls. In order to access your belongings you will need to stand up and lift the cushion, so whenever that ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign is illuminated your belongings may be out of reach.

In addition, possibly the biggest frustration will be a new limit in leg room. The under-seat compartment will stop passengers from stretching in front of them or curling their legs under. The area below your seat and the seat in front of you will be blocked off by the new compartment and filled with someone else’s luggage.

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Airbus are also considering the introduction of split-level seating configurations in premium cabins, alternating the middle section between floor and an elevated level – several feet higher.

A more futuristic, and possibly more useful, proposal is to introduce new virtual reality isolation helmets. These will allow passengers to cancel out peripheral noises and fully immerse themselves in the in-flight entertainment. Passengers will be able to easily ignore that crying baby and enjoy the built-in video screens, earphones and mini-airbags to protect themselves during turbulence.

Have a look at the photos below and tell us what you think of the new ideas? Are you worried about losing leg room or would you rather have your belongings closer?


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