a2 Milk forced to back up health claims...in court

The battle for milk has been between the supermarket giants and the dairy farmers, but now it seems that the fight is brewing between members of the dairy companies as well.

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With the claim of healthier than ordinary milk, a2 Milk Company is now going to have to back that claim up in court as Lion Group is seeking damages for loss of sales. While regular milk contains both the A1 and A2 beta casein proteins and a2 Milk Companies believe that it’s the A1 that causes many to suffer stomach upset when they drink milk.

The main issue for Lion, which produces the Pura brand, is that a2 claims that their product is better for autism, Asperger’s schizophrenia, skin rashes, diabetes, and heart disease. In the claim it states “The medical and scientific research … has not established that milk with no A1 beta casein affords health and/or digestive benefits”.

The a2 Milk Company believes that Lion is weak because not long ago Lion put a label on their Pura milk to promote that it was an A2 milk as well. Chief Executive Peter Nathan of a2 told news.com.au “Because on the one hand if they deliberately put an A2 protein label clearly on their pack, to try and demonstrate that they are an A2 milk, but on the other hand they’re saying ‘there’s no scientific consumer benefit’ — then why did they deliberately do that, knowing that there was supposedly no benefit?”

Lions responded with a statement that read, “Lion believes that a2 has engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct in claiming that a2 milk has benefits which cannot be substantiated as well as that ordinary dairy milk can have adverse health consequences for consumers. Lion believes that all dairy milk is good for you.

“Lion is confident its claims and packaging are accurate and intends to vigorously defend a2’s claims.”

Have you tried A2 milk? Did it make any difference in your health? Is it just another marketing ploy?