Treasure found at tragic site believed to be connected to Anne Frank

One of the most notorious Nazi concentration camps is giving up the secrets of its past as researchers are excavating its remains.  In one of the recent digs, a pendant belonging to Karoline Cohn caused a flurry of interest after historians realised it was nearly identical to the one owned by one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust, Anne Frank.

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The pendent that was uncovered is almost identical to one worn by Frank and may have been given to Cohn before Frank and her family were captured.  Frank tragically died in 1945 at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp just before the Allied liberation.  She had previously been imprisoned at the most infamous of the Nazi camps, Auschwitz.

The Sobbor site that is being uncovered by researchers was the site of more than 250,000 Jewish deaths.  Researchers have already uncovered the gas chamber foundations and the original train platform that so many crossed.  It is only the start of many heartbreaking finds that the Israel Antiquities Authority will uncover as they continue their dig into this horrific site.

Many feel close to Frank after reading her diaries from the two years she and her family were in hiding. Her memories where turned into a book by her father and became one of the most popular books ever published.  Her home and the family’s hiding spot are both still famous tourist attractions, with many making the pilgrimage to see the where Anne came from. 

Her honest and enlightening diary put a face to the tragedy for so many, which is why any connection to her still resonates so strongly today. 

Have you read Anne Frank’s diary? Have you ever visited the annex she and her family hid in during the war? 

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