A severe case of the guilts

Sometimes you do things you’re not terribly proud of, but for one woman it seems as though her bad deed has tormented her for more than 50 years and she needed to make amends.

According to news.com.au a hospital in country New South Wales received a handwritten letter of apology and $20 for a nurse’s cap that was ‘stolen’.

The letter writer — whose identity has been kept anonymous — writes:

“Dear Ms Simpson, Thank you for your reply to my letter. I have been a Bible student for many years and in it says that if we steal something that does not belong to us we must restore 4x the value.”

The former nurse allowed $5 for the cost of a nursing cap, and said the $20 should be put towards the next order of disposable caps or whatever the hospital might need.

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With a bit of digging, news.com.au discovered that the woman had been diagnosed with bipolar late in life, and following her diagnosis became a born-again Christian.

“I have been baptised by the Holy Spirit,” she tells the website. “You have to get your life in order and I was going through some things and I thought I had better put this right”

It’s a noble thing to do.

Have you ever done something that you wanted or needed to apologise for? Tell us your story.