A message from the Prime Minister

Yesterday afternoon, Tony Abbott released a video to mark 18 months since he was elected into government. The two minute video highlights his success as leader and his commitment to the Australian people.

In the video, Mr Abbott begins by saying every day the government is “working to clean up the mess we inherited and to lay the foundations needed for a stronger Australia”.

He continues, “We stopped the boats. We’ve scrapped the carbon and mining taxes, and we’ve started rolling out the biggest infrastructure plan in Australia’s history.

“We’ve signed three free trade agreements that will set up Australia for the long term.

“Our focus is on you – and your life – to make it easier and to give you more opportunity”. Do you believe that?

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“In recent weeks, we’ve tackled issues that you raising with me and my colleagues. We’ve made decisions like stopping illegal foreign ownership of residential property, improving the standards for food labelling, giving greater support for small businesses with a new grocery code and demonstrating a tougher approach on hate preachers”.

He assured us that he’s listened to us by scrapping the Medicare co-payment and increasing the pay of members of the Australian defence force. He also talked about the Intergenerational Report and small businesses being the “engine room of our economy”. He finally wrapped up by assuring that he and his team would continue to strengthen national security to keep our country safe.

The PM’s closing words were, “This government is working in your interest and for the benefit of all Australians. We always have and we always will”.

You can watch the video below. Share your thoughts on what you believe this video is meant to achieve…