A cheeky viral message looks at a bigger issue

The interesting thing about pictures or posts going viral on the internet is that you never really know when it will happen.  One woman in New York was so moved by a message that she got on her restaurant receipt that she shared it with the world.

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American Mary Emily O’Hara was eating brunch with friends at the restaurant Kiwiana.  The restaurant was opened by top New Zealand chef Mark Simmons.  He opened it in Brooklyn, New York after appearing on the US cooking show Top Chef.

After paying for her brunch, Mary noticed a special message on the bottom of her receipt that said, “Immigrants make America great (they also cooked your food and served you today)”.

While there is so much unrest in the world around the topic of immigrants and refugees it is interesting to see the ways people are making their voices heard.  Thanks for sharing, Mary.  The only other thing to take away from the picture is that they had some Bloody Mary’s with brunch.  That’s a good brunch!

What do you think of the image?  Do you think there are too many people demonising immigrants?  Where would Australia and the US be without immigrants?

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