6 Travel apps you’re probably not using yet but should be

Travel is all about getting off the beaten track and really enjoying a destination for what it is, not burying your nose into your smartphone while you’re there. But there are many situations that come up during a trip when it would come in handy to have these travel apps at your fingertips. From finding the best place to eat in a new city, to trying to understand the menu in another language, here are six travel apps that you’re probably not using yet but should be.

1. Google Translate
There are a couple of neat functions to the Google Translate app, one of them being able to type out words and phrases in other languages and having them translated into your native tongue, or vice versa. But another really helpful feature on the app is the camera-activated translation function. It allows you to hold your phone up to any text, which the app then translates for your instantly and displays them onto the screen. That means you can order from a restaurant even if the menu is written in another language and not worry about ordering steamed bulls testicles, unless you really want to.

2. Toilet Finder App
If you find yourself in need of the loo during your travels but don’t know where to go, then look no further than the Toilet Finder App. This handy guide will help you search and locate toilets in several locations around the world. So far there are more than 150,000 toilets listed in the system. All you have to do is do a map search of the area you’re in and wait for the toilet icons to come up. If you find a toilet along your travels, you can also add it to the app to help other travellers in search of the loo.

3. BringFido
Going on a holiday doesn’t mean you have to leave your pets at home. There are several pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and other facilities around the world that you can enjoy and BringFido puts them all at your fingertips. Simply do a search of nearby attractions, events and services and enjoy your holiday with your furry friend by your side.

4. Flashlight app
How many times have you had to ruffle through your bag at night, wishing you had a trusty torch on you? Well, the next time that happens, make sure you have downloaded the Flashlight App to help light the way. The Super-Bright LED Flashlight instantly turns your smart device into a flashlight.

5. Currency converter
Don’t worry about having to manually search for currency conversions, the XE Currency App will allow you to convert any currency in just a few clicks. The rates are constantly updated, making sure you have access to the most current information. So, the next time you’re left wondering if 130 Thai Baht is a lot to pay for your taxi in Bangkok, you can quickly type the amount into your converter and find out what that is in Australian dollars.

6. Hopper
When you’re in the planning stage and looking for the best flights and prices, apps like Hopper can help make sure you get the best possible deal. The app predicts when prices are likely to rise and will use notifications to alert you of the best deals. Leave it up to Hopper to do all the work when it comes to comparing flights and getting the cheapest price.

What travels apps have you found handy? Sharing is caring, so let us know about them in the comment section below.

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