6 steps to becoming a successful seniorpreneur

So you’ve created your own enterprise and become a fully-fledged seniorpreneur!

Well done on having the courage to do this.

If this is your first time in business, ensure you do the following so that you are productive and profitable and manage your emotional state because being in business can be a rollercoaster! If it was all gloss and glamour…everyone would be a successful Seniorpreneur.


Get coached to fast-track your results

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When you’re past 60 and in business, it’s important to minimise your risks. I’ve heard stories of people losing their hard-earned money investing in having their own business and they will never recuperate those losses. Don’t risk it, get a business coach or successful mentor to guide you to success. Just because you were successful as an employee, running your own business is totally different!

You have to be very careful who you get your advice from.


Establish a routine

Structure your day so that it is both purposeful and productive. Decide on a starting and finishing time for your day. Allow for breaks so that you work smarter and not harder.

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Focus on your strengths, outsource your weaknesses

You should be spending the maximum amount of time working on the parts of your business that you are best at. If your billable time is worth $50 an hour then make sure you spend most of your time on the activities that will produce that for you.

If you don’t want to employ an administrative assistant, then use a virtual assistant who works off-site. Avoid filling up your day with non-productive activities. Invest your time and money in the right areas of your business – don’t just keep yourself busy.


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Declutter the clutter

A messy working environment that forces you to continuously spend valuable time searching for things, whether it’s files or e-mails on the computer, cumulatively wastes hours a day. Clutter is distracting and causes stress, and is the primary enemy of productivity.


Network to expand your business and your mind

Join a local networking group to meet other like-minded professionals. Share knowledge and discover new ways of doing things. Check with your local council. Enquire about active small business networks. Join a trade association and share ideas. A business referral group like BNI can be an enormous benefit to seniorpreneurs. There are also online networking groups like ‘The Babyboomers Business Support Group’ on Facebook.

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Take time out for you

It can be easy to lose yourself in your work. Keep fit and healthy…you’re going to need all your energy to create and sustain a successful enterprise. The dream of having your own business and the reality can be two very different things. At all costs you need to keep you stress levels down and following these 6 simple tips can make a massive impact on your success as a seniorpreneur.


The Final Word

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These ideas are simple – and guess what? It’s generally the simple ideas, when acted upon consistently, which will make a dramatic impact on your business and your life.

The rewards of having a business can far outweigh any of the challenges you experience. You will feel happier, more fulfilled and excited about this new stage of your life.


Tell us, do you want to become a seniorpreneur?