12 ways to have a hassle-free holiday

Christmas is just around the corner, and more and more people are going away on holidays.

You’ve got all the planning done but now you need to focus on getting there and what you’ll do, and that can be the trickiest part…but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’re planning to jet off for a long weekend or six months abroad, here’s 12 of the best planning tricks every traveller needs to know to for the ultimate hassle-free holiday.

1. Access your map offline 

Forget bringing along huge physical maps – you can access your map offline. You can do this by either taking a screenshot of the map on your device, or if you’re using Google Maps, you can save maps offline by either typing “Ok maps” into the search bar, or touching the menu and selecting ‘Make available offline’.

2. Copy your passport

You never know when a copy of your passport may come in handy but it is better to be safe than sorry. Simply scan your passport or take a photo and email it to yourself.

3. Roll your clothes

It’s one of the top travel hacks on every list but really, rolling your clothes is a genius and easy way to save space. Use shoes and other hollow items to stuff in clothes too.

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4. Bring a power board and travel adapter

Many people go overseas without either of these items and end up having to fork out a lot just to charge electronics. Plan ahead and bring a power board and one or two travel adapters with multiple USB plugs.

5. Leave your guidebooks at home

You don’t need to carry around heavy guidebooks anymore – your phone is your guide. All the information you need about global cities is available at your fingertips. TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet are great resources for travel guides.

6. Research tipping culture

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Before you leave, look into how each country you’re going to handles tips. Some, like Australia, don’t require or expect it, whereas in the UK and USA, it is mandatory. Do a quick Google search and avoid looking silly later.

7. Organise travel insurance

Even if you are just going to New Zealand, you should strongly consider taking out travel insurance. It can cover you for the unexpected, however if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you will need to disclose this prior to travel.

8. Remember your doctor’s note

You’re still permitted to bring all prescription and over-the-counter medications with you provided there’s an authentic professional prescription label, either on the containers or within a supporting, written document.

9. Learn some language basics

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Even if you don’t want to learn the language, just knowing a few words of the native language of the country you’re travelling to will be very worthwhile. Duolingo is a great app if you want to advance your skills, or you can Google a range of phrase for any language in the world.

10. Order your currency in advance

Do not buy your currency at the airport, we repeat – do not buy your currency at the airport! These exchange companies prey on people who don’t find better deals or prepare before they leave the country. If you want the best rate, it pays to order your currency in advance.

11. Speed your way through customs

Don’t be standing around in a line the whole day – here’s how to get through customs quick smart:

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  • Start preparing while you’re in the queue – some people will just stand there without organising themselves. Have your passport and documents ready to hand over and jacket off.
  • Put your laptop and devices somewhere easily accessible so you can quickly put it in a tray and back.
  • Fill out your departure card early – every outgoing traveller needs to fill out a departure card. Little do some people know but these are often at your airline’s counter and can be filled out before you go to customs.
  • Check-in before you get to the airport – most airlines allow you to check in online to save time queuing.
  • Take notice of signs and be at the gate on time.

12. Wi-Fi Finder

This app is a godsend – when you want to know where there’s internet (and even when you don’t have any), Wi-Fi Finder can help you out. Download here for Apple and here for Android.


Tell us, what are your hassle-free holiday tips?