How scammers are using your favourite celebs to steal your money

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr, pictured here at the world premiere of Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange" in Hollywood, is just one of a number of celebrities who’s name has been used in an attempt to scam people out of money.

If a famous celebrity messaged you on social media asking for money what would you think? Even if it was for a good cause or a charity?

It might be the most obvious dodgy message in the world, but that doesn’t mean someone hasn’t tried it.

Robert Downey Jr took to social media to warn his fans that someone had been doing just that, pretending to be him.

The Iron Man and Ally McBeal star said impersonators had been messaging people asking for donations for good causes, but he assured that he would never do that sort of thing.

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It’s not the only time celebs have been used to scam people. There’s been a lot of famous faces being using in the online dating world, from beauty queens to actresses, all hoping you’ll fall in love and fork out your cash.

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There’s even been a spate of fake Country music singer profiles, including Tim McGraw, being used on some sites. If you like a page then all of a sudden get a message saying ‘thanks for being a fan’ be warned. They then try to continue a conversation, and before long they are telling you they need your help.

If a ‘star’ suddenly offers you free products or services, including concert tickets, where you are then asked to provide photo ID or your passport details…. well, you’re not really a winner if you hand those over to anyone.

As say saying goes, it if looks too good to be true it probably is.

Have you ever been contacted by a scammer? 

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