Would you trust your bank if they started doing this?
By Starts at 60 WritersIn MoneyOn Monday 1st Jun, 2015

Would you trust your bank if they started doing this?

Banks in Australia are already under fire for giving poor advice, doing the wrong things by customers and charging more than ever while running higher profits than ever. So if they followed in China’s footsteps and started using this technology, would you happily trust them and use it?

Engineers in China have developed the first ATM that uses facial recognition technology instead of PIN numbers to identify users of bank cards prior to conducting transactions.

The official Xinhua news agency reports Beijing’s Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based security company Tzekwan Technology have developed a prototype they hope will help reduce crimes committed using ATMs. However there is great debate about whether or not this method and fingerprinting really are safe and secure methods of control.

If Australian banks were to start using this technology, would you trust it? We use computers now more than ever to do the most basic daily tasks, mainly for convenience, but is our security a price you’re willing to pay for a little convenience?

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