Woolworths: The next generation revealed

The supermarket giant prides itself on being the ‘fresh food people’ and now it is bringing a fresh new look

The supermarket giant prides itself on being the ‘fresh food people’ and now it is bringing a fresh new look to its stores across the country.

The first store to be unveiled was the Woolworths at Warringah Mall at Sydney’s Northern Beaches, having undergone a multi-million dollar upgrade that includes an overhauled fresh food section and an increased health range.

It’s said that the revamped store, the first of many, is designed to offer a “more modern and convenient shopping experience” for you, the customer.

According to news.com.au the supermarket is said to be focussed on improving shoppers’ health.

You will now be able to buy loose organic fruit and vegetables, and there will also be an entire aisle dedicated to “healthy eating options” with a large selection of “new on-trend health foods”.

Last month Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci told the Australian Financial Review he was “cautiously optimistic” about how the new look would improve the culture at Woolworths. He said “listening to customers, staff and suppliers” was a key part of the changes the supermarket was making.

More than $1 billion was invested into prices and service in stores, and now that he is “comfortable” with how that is tracking the in-store refurbishments include the addition of bakeries and butcher shops, improved delicatessen counters and an overhaul of the checkouts and self-serve checkouts.

“The store puts health at the heart of the shopping experience, encouraging customers to make healthier choices for themselves and their families,” Woolworths format development director Rob McCartner told news.com.au.

What do you think of the changes at Woolworths? Where do you do the majority of your grocery shopping?

  1. Liz  

    I think it is great that they are concentrating on supplying good quality healthy alternatives. My only concern is that products are purchased here locally thus supporting our local farmers allowing them to be able to operate profitably. Unlike Aldi where often fruit and vegetables are imported and their profit does not stay in Australia it goes back to Germany. Support our own companies especially when they are trying to do their best by listening to the public and supplying healthy alternatives,

    • Guy Flavell  

      Good on ya, Lizzie … fantastic comments. Woolies I find are trying really hard to maintain
      a high quality freshness to their fruit and veggies. If ONLY they could get their fresh tomatoes to actually taste like tomatoes … not watery and tasteless all the time.

    • Linda Thomas  

      Aldo buy there fruit and veg locally.

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    • What has this response got to do with the article? If Startsat60 wants support monitor the replies for relevance and acceptability. There is more than enough paid advertising without the freebies.

    • linda fletcher  

      Is it not true that woolworths throw all left over fruit and veg out into land fill while coles and auldi donate there excess to be distributed among the needy

      • Guy Flavell  

        No Linda, I honestly don’t think that’s true about Woolies ‘ surplus fruit and veggies.
        In the recent past I’ve been sadly forced to seek community help with food parcels and the like. The agencies I’ve been to have openly admitted much of their supplies for the needy were donated by Woolies. In addition, I also received a $20 Woolies card to enable me to buy emergency food.
        Thankfully those awful times are gone (fingers crossed). But, I will always remain loyal to Woolies for all their help. As a battling pensioner I still receive beaut benefits from them … $130 cash discounts over the past 10 weeks on my Woolies shopping plus their weekly half-price specials that enable me to stock up on expensive essentials like coffee, etc.
        No, I think we should be acknowledging the efforts Woolies make to help the needy
        in our society.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Why, oh why do Starts at 60 allow these mongrel scammers to frequent their articles?
      Are there no moderators employed by SA60 ???
      How many of our more gullible elderly readers have been conned by these fraudsters ?
      PLEASE Starts at 60, get your act together and press the ‘delete’ button on these con artists.

  3. Betty Milne  

    Drinks are being entirely overlooked. Please, please give some thought to selling much reduced sugar/coloured/preserved drinks.

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